For those who may have missed it on the Facebook page, there was a recent announcement about the progress of Book Four of the Fortress Saga.


To sum up, there have been a variety of setbacks over the last few months, including a rather scary technological issue, all of which prevented any writing from taking place. We are very pleased to say that these issues have for the most part now been rectified, and writing has recommenced. As of this post, the first draft of a whole new chapter has been completed, and our heroes are back on their adventures again!
We know this lengthy pause in proceedings has not been welcome, least of all by the author himself, but now that things are back on track, they are looking up substantially. In other news in the coming weeks and months progress will be made not only on the last two books of this series, but also the e-book versions of the first three, that we know some of you are waiting for.

Once again we thank you for your patience and your interest in our work, and hope to have more for you in the not too distant future.

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