Book 4 Completion!

Completion! We wish to announce that the draft for Book Four of The Fortress Saga, Talons of the Empire, has now been completed! It has taken a little while to get here, and we apologise for the delay, but that … Continue reading


For those who may have missed it on the Facebook page, there was a recent announcement about the progress of Book Four of the Fortress Saga.   To sum up, there have been a variety of setbacks over the last … Continue reading

Long Live the Princess

Today is a sad day. Today we say good bye to Carrie Fisher. We all heard the news a few days ago about her heart attack. I think it’s fair to say we all thought “Not another one. Not Carrie … Continue reading

A writing update

Book 4 of The Fortress Saga, is now at 100 pages. There has been a bit of inspired progress of late. Here’s hoping that is continues! The story is coming along rather nicely, and things are starting to take shape … Continue reading


In case you missed it, Book 3 “Mervabda Rising” is now available to buy. Go to the shopping tag and scroll down to find the book. You can read the blurb on the Books page to whet you appetite.

Proof Time!

And update for you all. The proof copy of Mervabda Rising has been ordered! Extremely pleased with the awesome cover design by Laura Wickham, bit Thank yous to her. Now we await its arrival so we can begin the next … Continue reading

An update!

Book 3 is nearly ready! Maps are coming along nicely, and so is the cover. There has been a few minor delays, but work is progressing nicely again now.   Also a big WELCOME to all the new members!

Another Great gone.

The world recently mourned the passing of a great talent, that of Sir Christopher Lee. Unarguably one of the most distinctive and recognisable actors of the 20th and 21st centuries, his voice and his penetrating stare have made him beloved … Continue reading

Engage! The beginning of warp drive?

An interesting article I came across on the Internet. Perhaps the world of science fiction is not as far off as we might first think. This is obviously only a very small step on the road to such a thing, … Continue reading

And then there were three.

Announcing the completion of the first draft of Book Three of The Fortress Saga, Mervabda Rising. A bit of a marathon writing spree has brought us to the conclusion of the story (at least this part of it) and finished … Continue reading